Papa Grows Funk Needle In The Groove

Needle In The Groove (2012)

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Papa Grows Funk Mr. Patterson's Hat

Mr. Patterson’s Hat (2007)

“Papa Grows Funk is a workhorse of a band. Mr. Patterson’s Hat is so chock full of funk that you need two hands to carry it and an extra booty to shake to it.”

They really push themselves to the limit

The disc is about holding onto the spirit of New Orleans. “Tootie Montana” is indeed funky, but it’s also the most serious thing this band have yet done.

“it is about losing oneself in a good, funky groove”

“sophisticated, danceable jams”

“well-constructed, laidback party music”

Their agreeable, breezy synthesis of funk, rhythm & blues and jazz is distinctly New Orleans.

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Papa Grows Funk Live at the Leaf

Live at the Leaf (2006)

Live at the Leaf is a seventy two minute tour de force of powerful jams, relentless grooves, and catchy tunes all caught live in action.
“The first live album from New Orleans’ own Papa Grows Funk shows why it’s currently one of the hottest acts on Planet Earth.”
Live at the Leaf boasts robust production that
punches up the potent bass.
All cuts benefit from the fresh energy of the stage.

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Papa Grows Funk Shakin

Shakin’ (2003)

The follow up to PGF’s critically acclaimed release “Doin It”, “Shakin'” ranks with the classic funk recordings in the New Orleans canon by the group’s parent

“Shakin’ Smokes! It’s hotter than Crystal Sauce”
— Daily Yomiuri, March 2003

“Gros delivers his finest songwriting to date.”
— New Orleans Times-Picayune, March 2003

“Papa Grows Funk is the New School of New Orleans Funk and Shakin’ is the kind of album that codifies a band’s place in history.”
— offBeat, May 2003

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Papa Grows Funk Doin It

Doin’ It (2001)

PGF’s debut CD, released in April 2001.

“fully fleshed-out compositions played with imagination and zeal. ”
— OffBeat Magazine, May 2001

“As informed a primer on New Orleans funk as this city has seen in years.”
— New Orleans Times-Picayune, April 2001

“grooves that usher from the gut and strike the solar plexis like a wrecking ball”
— Lafayette Daily Advertiser, July 2001

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John Gros Day's End

John “Papa” Gros: Day’s End (2004)

John’s debut solo CD, released in April 2004.

featuring: Tommy Malone (subdudes), Reggie Scanlon (the Radiators), David Doucet (BeauSoleil), Robert Mache’ (Continetal Drifters), and Kenneth Blevins (Sonny Landreth, John Hiatt).

“…this year’s best local roots rock album.”

“Bits of Leon Russell, Dr. John and Little Feat, plus a whole lot of John Gros … ”

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