Taping Policy


Papa Grows MonkPapa Grows Funk encourages audio cassette and/or DAT taping of its live shows for trading and personal, non-commercial, home use only. Only microphone recordings will be allowed. Soundboard patches will not be given out. Please bring microphones, stands and all required gear. Please respect the wishes of the band and do not ask the band or its sound personnel for sound board patches. Please be considerate of others, the venue and its employees. Please feel free to email the band any questions or comments concerning taping at info@papagrowsfunk.com.

Photography and Video

Regular flash and digital photography for personal, non-commercial use is permitted. Photography intended for commercial use or online display or sales on personal or business websites is not permitted without the prior written consent of the band or PGF management. Videography (digital, film and/or video) is not permitted without the prior written consent of PGF management.